First Offered: 3-27-05







See Specifications and Pictures Below...






 Just offered a truly rare find... this beautiful 1957 Chevy almost looks as if it just rolled off the show room floor last month... it "LOOKS" that STOCK and IS that NICE!!! With almost no blemishes anywhere I would rate it's condition as truly SHOW QUALITY and 99.5+% of perfect.

Everything about this car is original, except for a repaint in it's factory green color, the PDB/PS, wheels/tires... and let's not forget the "drive-train!"  As to the above mentioned non-stock drive-train... it's a new Crate LS-6 454 450HP mated to a HD Turbo-Hydromatic 400 driving a 9" Ford Traction-Loc Rear. Using Truck headers and a Chevelle SS Style duel-snorkel air cleaner to give it that "factory installed look!" 2.5" exhaust using Flowmaster mufflers make it sound as awesome as it looks... and goes!!!

I could go on and on about the details but instead I have included a great number of pictures which will say way more about the quality and originality of this car. I have also included a bullet specification list below to highlight some key points including the couple of items needing attention I noted above.

Better hurry!... As I predict this gorgeous car won't last long... not because it's cheap but because it's THAT NICE!!!




Overall on a scale of 1-10 this car is a solid 9.5+!!!











$ 59,900 OBRO